Creating Human Excellence – Online Coaching June 2020

“Challenging limiting beliefs every day and valuing myself. It’s important to show up and give yourself what you expect from others. Viewing yourself as enough and capable is the first step to free yourself from the psychological burdens and the mind map that was enforced and influenced by people around you and your past or current environment. You can only control yourself and set those boundaries, more than that you cannot do. By shaping and reshaping your internal world to casualties, you understand and are more open. Use critical thinking to heal your life, mentality mindset and cultivate pure and authentic relationships. There’s no need to overcompensate. You are enough and there is enough”

“Prioritising my internal dialogue, myself image can be bettered through mirror talk exercises and how to approach uncomfortable conversations”

“Learning to believe in myself, finding the internal beauty and appreciation for who I am.”

“Knowing, Believing that I am the only person that matters first. I need to fill my own cup before I serve others”

“The power of limiting beliefs and our unique mind maps. Being able to identify what was holding me back, forgiving myself and others for allowing stuff in my circle that no longer served me”

“Learning how to set clear boundaries on what is expected and the resetting, adjusting and relooking my relationship with myself first and others”

“Being kind to me, allowing myself to be in the moment and not always perfect”

“I found the content very helpful and offers good guidance”

“Mirror talk is not easy, it takes courage and allow you to truly be honest, open with what is truly going on. The forgiving me part was hard… the more I do it… the more confident I become”

“Thank you and well done on sharing such valuable content. The assessments were great to work through and provided greater understanding. You are a true inspiration and proof that anything you set your mind to can be achieved. All the best as you continue on this journey of enriching people’s lives!”

Investment In Self – Workshops 2019

“Today was so impactful; it makes me want to go for my dreams. Also make me realise the power of the mind. If the mind does not go I don’t go anywhere. I need to have my plan and write down and go for my purpose. Thank you for an amazing session. May God bless you”

“I came out with SELF LOVE. Today’s session helped me invest in myself. This is the best gift you can give yourself. I walked away feeling BOLD, STRONG and CONFIDENT. My mind is conditioned differently”

“Powerful & impactful. I’ve learned that we are uniquely created. Life have purpose and your are selfless. Nadia is an impactful women and she have a lot of insight”

“Very powerful, I learned to be more confident, to have a mindset in the correct position. Just to be yourself and don’t think what others people think of you. Thank you so much Nadia you are send out of heaven stay humble and as you are GO girl for what you do best ”

“ This session was very informative and mind shifting, inspiring me to achieve all my goals. It reminded me about my purpose and the zeal I have for people, to make a difference. To change what I want and to start with me. Thanks Nadia for installing and planting the seed of change that God blessed you with”