A Certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, Executive, Business and Life Coach with 29 years of experience in multiple service industries.


Coming from humble beginnings she was born into the most lovable family in Newclare.

She had four brothers and one sister. Three of them now deceased. Her two brothers are her current pillars of strength, humor anchors & protectors.

Proud mom of four beautiful kids, a wonderful daughter in-law and two earth angels as her granddaughter’s, her cup of gratitude is always full.

She is the founder and Director of Tranquil & Tenacious Minds.

Her motto is simple:

Your current reality does not define you, if there is a burning desire from within to create a better life, YOU can do it!

Nadia is women of true passion for life, authentic vision to shape, grow and invest in others, a mission to provide you with the tools to shape the truest highest version of self.

She coaches leaders to embrace and celebrate their strengths, their experiences, and most importantly, accept themselves in this wonderful journey called life.

Nadia advocates that we all have the answers to each of our questions. All we have to do align to self, trust and listen.

Her foundation is live a life of authenticity and be empowered by your purpose. She knows we all have something magical to offer in this universe. Her passion is tapping into what you truly desire, providing you with the tools to create the life of complete authentic self-fulfillment and acceptance. Once you do this… the magic ignites. Transforming lives & changing mindsets as a business leader, inspirational speaker and practitioner comes naturally. Her coaching workshops, private sessions , gives you an experience like no other.  Enabling others live life with Heart, Head & Hand always stands out in the customer testimonials.

“What I have learned throughout my journey, we wear multiple masks this blocks us from receiving the true gift of complete loving SELF. We accept substandard relationships, jobs that are not fulfilling and allow situations / people or circumstances to fill up our circle with toxic behaviors”

 “ You are the CEO of your circle, hire the best of the best to uplift and always leave you in a better space, fire those that run a mock in your life, terminate anything or anyone that is toxic”

This is YOUR life. Own it. Live it. Be the best version of YOU.