In this one-day introductory program,  you will learn the basics of neuro linguistic programming. 

We will provide you with  tools  to manage your thoughts, and thereby manage yourself.

Duration –  1 day

Audience – Anyone that has the courage to change

Pre-Requisites –  Individual Needs Analysis to be conducted

NLP  Personal Mastery Coaching

NLP  is a way of life. This is  a way we construct personal programs of thought, communication and behavior.  It’s the study of how we think and communicate with ourselves and with others. 

You will  experience impact  of Senses According to NLP  . This Personal Self Mastery program  will explore our sensory systems as represented by the VAKOG acronym.

Participants will also learn about sensory predicates – words that indicate what sensory system a person is using. The program  will conclude with a discussion and an exercise on eye accessing cues.

Learn  Simple Steps You Can Take TODAY To Dramatically Increase Your Wealth, Health & Overall Happiness

Secret Language  Of  Your Mind
How To Ask Simple Questions  can lead to  “ Success Breakthroughs
How To Create Instant & Lasting Rapport Wherever You Go
Goal-Getting Secrets That Few People Will Ever Learn
The “Take Action Tactic”

Putting it All Together

This session will give participants a chance to bring everything that they have learned together and role play a situation that recently happened in their lives.

27th July 2019
3rd August 2019
17th August 2019
28th September 2019
12th October 2019
20th October 2019
23rd November 2019