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Four hours of creating a life you truly desire. The event was self-fulfilling, uplifting. Women had deep honest internal dialogue that allowed them to step into their greatness. The primary focus was ensuring the essence of self-mastery, self-discovery and creating the best version of self. We explored the benefits of a Growth vs a Fix mindset. Effective tools, impactful stories and practical frameworks was shared that allowed the ladies to shape an extraordinary life. There was a clear understanding with fundamental steps that all women need—no matter what stage of their lives they are in – to tap into their true purpose and passion. The power of planning, rewarding and celebrating small and big wins was one the highlights of the event. We had three dynamic key speakers they captivated the ladies with their challenges, opportunities and successfully stepping into their power. They mastered the art of self-worth, tenacity, perseverance, resilience, acceptance mostly how to live each day as a celebration through faith, trust and hope. Investment In Self, created a platform to make todays efforts pay off tomorrow. To free your imagination. To know that we are all capable of more that we can imagine – so we encourage you to imagine the ultimate. Understand you only know your limits once you test them. Recognize the power of your true potential. Focus on what you can control, focus on the good, opportunities and endless possibilities. Mostly never never give up. You never truly happy until you enjoy and love what you doing.

The foundation blocks of true happiness, your legacy, your pride, your joy, a reflection of who you are, is the gift of kids. We are selected to be guides, parents, mentors, coaches, councilors, support pillars, entertainers and mostly earth angels to them. Being a parent is a gift. Parenting has no expiring date and it does not come with a manual. I have four absolutely amazing kids, they are the center of my being. God loved me so much He blessed me with a beautiful daughter in law and two angelic granddaughters. They all have their own personalities, strengths, areas of improvements, wittiness and visions for life.

As a mom I have learned that you need to treat your kids as individuals. Although from one biological mother and father boy are they different. Having four kids I learned everything that you do needs to be done with complete love, sincerity and passion. When younger I ruled my home with an iron fist and discipline, respect for each other was not negotiable. Although more relaxed now, the above still apply in my home. Raising four kids that are kind, humble, loving and respectable human beings is a direct result of endless words of encouragement, uplifting them when things go wrong, having courageous respectable conversation when we don’t agree and mostly loving them unconditionally.

Quality family time is fundamental take out in my house. This is a check in session to establish what went well for the day and how can we make it better tomorrow. It allows me to understand at any given moment where they are in their lives. They are different with their own needs, so having one on one dates with them at least once a month is instrumental for me. As a team we never allow any electronic devices around when we have meaningful conversations. I firmly believe when engaging respect starts by giving your full and complete attention. I am absolutely blessed to be born into the most loving family where the above values and principles are part of DNA. If you want loving kids be loving, if you want independent kids, show them how, if you want kids with a positive minds set – teach them how to affirm over their lives, if you want kids with high standards, teach them how to raise the bar and what to allow in their circle, if you want confident kids , praise them for doing well and encourage them if things don’t go their way. The essence of family dynamics, be the best version of YOURSELF and allow your kids to learn from you.

The magic of complete happiness is to be disciplined with what we allow to enter our value circle. Being emotionally fit, healthy and happy, starts with what we feed our bodies, what we allow to control our minds and how we release or deal with any negative energies. Everything that we do starts and ends with our state of mind. I’ve been training for the past 10 years and it has taken a tremendous amount of discipline, passion and complete dedication. Who I’ve associated myself with during this time has been extremely instrumental in the process, because likeminded people will keep you on your toes, push you to the limit and provide you with brutally honest feedback. It is also of high importance that you take the time to get know your body and understand what training fits into your lifestyle and is suitable for your age.

I personally enjoy HITT cardio and morning jogs and I’ve also just qualified as a Strong By Zumba instructor at the age of 48. Overall, training should be fun and it should be something that you enjoy doing, whether it is a 30 minute walk in the afternoon or a 30 minute HITT workout, do what works best for you. It is vital to remember that although staying fit is a way of life, ninety percent is what we eat.

Maintaining a healthy and well balanced diet is crucial in relation to maintain a healthy lifestyle overall. My average diet consists of a variety of green veggies and some fresh fruit. I enjoy having smoothies with coconut milk and although I do consume sugar, I make sure to only do so in moderation, whilst staying clear of processed foods entirely. Lentils and vegan meats are also an important part of my diet as they contain a vast amount of protein. I believe the key principle is to do what is fulfilling to you and what makes you happy. At the end of the day we all are unique in what our bodies can handle. So it is of immense value to you to actually listen to your body and do the type of exercises that suit you and change your diet in a way that benefits you and ultimately adds to your quality of life. #GoodnessIn #GreatnessOut






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