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For most people and organizations radical transformation is a necessity.  For some of us we are experiencing a new way of working, a different operating model at home, new leadership model and the  importance of creating human excellence is currently vital – whether you a mom, senior manager, leader, executive or  an entrepreneur.

Viewing the Growth mindset models, now more than ever is a critical time to develop, create and to tap into your human excellence.

Why is this important?

This is the driving force of applying different human mindsets and human behaviors that technology is unable to. Investing in our mindsets and heart-sets will enable a higher level of clear, innovative, critical thinking and emotional engagement with other humans.  This will mitigate two big inhibitors – fear and ego.


By creating of psychological safety. (with yourself and others)

Therefore it is instrumental how we talk to each other, how we listen, how we emotionally connect, how we manage our thinking and emotions through courageous honest conversations with ourselves and others.

We are passionate about investing in people and would like to invite you to attend our on-line – Creating Human Excellence coaching sessions.

Our sessions will be small and intimate, we would like you to be clear about what do you want out of the session and why are you signing up.   Therefore all delegates are required to complete a pre-assessment before they step into the training. We are serious about investing time and effort into this program therefore collectively we can design the outcome you desire.

What will you get out of the coaching?

  • Clear understanding of your triggers
  • Identifying your blinds spots
  • Your communication language based on your own mind-map
  • Creating your desired state based on all logical levels
  • Self-help and personal growth
  • Coaching skills how to help yourself and others
  • A way to change problematic patterns
  • How to have courageous conversations with clear intention
  • Understanding your non negotiable
  • Techniques to change your state
  • Be part of the FB Private Community ( Creating Human Excellence)
  • Opportunity to share your homework and views with others
  • Be a part of a transformational community
  • Learn how to allow your cup to overflow FIRST


Below dates available Group 1 Group 2
6th June 10h00-12h00 14h00-16h00
7th June 10h00-12h00 14h00-16h00
13th June 10h00-12h00 14h00-16h00
14th June 10h00-12h00 14h00-16h00
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Personal Mastery – Unlock Your Genius

 “You are meant to ignite your journey towards self-discovery, self-mastery and constant self-improvement”.

We believe in investing and empowering people to harness the language of their own minds, this is by far the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Why is this important?

This program provides you with a wide range of fast effective skills, tools and technique’s with all the best concepts and many different disciplines.  It is used to help you gain control over your different mindsets, understand your levels of thinking, learn how your mind activity will change the brain, which will produce changes in our language and actions.

As a product of this program

“I found a sense of complete confidence in everything I do, I understand the power of focus (whatever you think about most grows in your mind).  This program instilled fulfillment, self-acceptance & unlimited growth (in all areas of my life).  I am able to foster beautiful meaningful, loving relationships. Furthermore it equipped me to build new business relationships and mutuality beneficial partnerships. 

It gave me the courage to step into my purpose and live full out”.

One of the most powerful experiences is internal transformation.   Every thought becomes an emotion, every emotion leads to an action (good/ bad /happy or sad).

We encourage honesty, through open and clear dialogue by respect for every individual’s growth.  

So ask yourself?

1.   Are you keeping your promise to YOU?

(Remember the one that goes….I promise I will never, I promise to, I have stop / start, I must …..)

2.  Are you living FULL out?

3.  What part of yourself, if any have you given up on?

 (In YOUR health, finances, spirituality, emotionally, physically, career, relationships)

4.  Do you feel something is missing in your life?

5.  Do you believe that you are held back from doing the things you want to do?

Program Dates
25 July 2020 22 August 2020
26 September 2020 November TBC
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Investment in Self – YOU are WORTHY of this Investment!


At Tranquil & Tenacious Minds we ignite delegates to rise up in confidence, owning and stepping into their true purpose. Our personalized workbooks provide you with life changing tools, frameworks and methodologies. 

We encourage and empower YOU to step into your truth.

Our excellent platform allows you to meet and network with likeminded people.

You will have an opportunity to discuss issues that affect our everyday lives –from finances, budgeting, mental, emotional, physical health and wealth.

Investment in Self Workshop will convene a diverse range of female entrepreneurs

from the worlds of medical, coaching, digital marketing and various other sectors.

Customers are the heartbeat of our company, we are delighted to share – 99% success rate

of our clientele who attended our  workshops.